Web Tech - Wordpress Security: Don't Panic!

What is WordPress cloning and why is it a very useful tool? Most people think that this is a dishonest technique for copying websites to garner more link love and rankings, and while that might have been accurate (and useful!) This is an entirely different endeavor.


Since scare tactics appear to be at least start considering the issue, or what drives some people to take secure your wordpress website a bit more seriously, allow me to shoot a couple of scare tactics your way.

The stronger approach, and the one I recommend, is to use one of the creation and storage plugins available on your browser. I think after a free trial period, you need to pay for it, although Lots of people like RoboForm. I use the free version of Lastpass, and I recommend it for those who use Internet Explorer or Firefox. That will generate secure passwords for you.

One thing you can take is to delete the default administrator account. This is important because if you do not do it, a user name which they could attempt to crack is already known by malicious user.

If you're not currently running news the latest version of WordPress, upgrade now. Leaving your website in an old version is similar to keeping your door unlocked when you leave Continued for vacation.

However, I advise that you set up the Login LockDown plugin as opposed to any.htaccess controls. That will stops login requests from being permitted from a for an hour or so after three unsuccessful login attempts. If you accomplish that, it is still possible to access your admin cell while and yet you have great pop over to this site protection against hackers.

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